Rolex Datejust Jubilee vs Oyster Watch Bracelet Face-off

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2020)

Today we have “The Battle Of The Bands!” Watch bands that is. Featuring two of the most worn bracelets by Rolex; the Rolex Datejust Jubilee vs Oyster bracelet. Both of these bands are of superior quality and design that watch connoisseurs all over regard highly. To some, the bracelet makes the watch. So which one is better?

This is a very hard comparison, but if I have to choose one it would go the Datejust Jubilee! Now at the end of the day, as I said these are both expertly crafted, high-quality bracelets. I chose the Datejust because I just have a love for many of the Datejust watches that feature the Jubilee. And own quite a few myself!

Datejust Jubilee

The Datejust name has quite a history to it. 1945 marks the first year that the Rolex Datejust watches began production. This would change the game for Rolex and become one of their most popular lines in the market.


The Jubilee is a bracelet that will definitely provide comfort. It is not as large and bulky as the Oyster bracelet and the links are slightly separated, which gives the watch a natural feel on the wrist. What I mean by this is the watch does not feel glued to your body; it stays on sturdy but has a slight ‘jiggle’ to it.

With time and wear, the watch may slide up the wrist and expand a bit, but not as far as to make the bracelet uncomfortable. The 20mm lugs offer good size and a good weight that feel good on almost any wrist. People with smaller wrists tend to find this bracelet more comfortable than the Oyster, but those with a wrist over 7 1/2 inches in diameter, complain that the bracelet is very tight.


I personally love the designs of Jubilee bracelets!

rolex datejust jubilee vs oyster bracelet

The two-toned gold bands are my personal favorite. The gold links just fit perfectly with the stainless steel band; the definition of a perfect dress watch. And a dress watch is exactly what Rolex was aiming for when designing the Jubilee. A mid-sized, luxury, attention-grabbing bracelet that does not stick out on the wrist. So any business attire can be worn with the watch.

A strong Folding Oyster-clasp gives the watch a good look and feels to it as well. With the newer models, you can even get an extension link, meaning you can make the watch fit tighter, or more loosely on the wrist.

Overall, the design of the Jubilee bracelet is hands down more classy than the Oyster. The Jubilee is not as bulky and plain, it just simply has a clean look that fits well in any business or dress attire.


A durable bracelet is a great bracelet. If you want a watch that you can wear every day, the bracelet must be strong and sturdy. One thing I must admit about the Jubilee is it is not as durable as the Oyster bracelets.

Now I have banged, dropped, and scratched against walls quite a few times while wearing my Datejust Jubilee. And have even played basketball while wearing it (how stupid), and the bracelet has maintained very well. But! The watch has become a bit lose ( I do not have the extension Jubilee models) and is displaying some scratches on the gold lugs.  The scratches are not really noticeable, but when you have scratches as a watch owner, they tend to stand out like a noob playing Fortnite (WOW my nerd is coming out)!

So if I had to give a durability rating to the Jubilee Datejust, I would say a 3.8/5. I only say that because Rolex is creating VERY durable bracelets nowadays, that blow the Jubilee bracelets out of the park!


Because of the history and materials used for a Jubilee, the value of the bracelets alone are pretty high! Most Datejust Jubilees’ actually use a Yellow Rolesor material, which is a combination of Oyster-steel and 18-carat yellow gold. This is not cheap material here, this is the high-grade stuff.

If you keep the bracelet in good condition and don’t play basketball in it as I did, then expect your bracelet to hold some value. Check out the price of the bracelet below:

rolex datejust jubilee vs oyster bracelet

Classic Oyster Bracelet

Ahh, the Oyster Bracelet, one of the most classic bands by Rolex. The Oyster Bracelet was patented by Rolex back in 1947! You can find these bracelets on all of the classics, including the Submariners, Sea Dwellers, and even GMT Master watches. All of the history aside, I just find the Jubilee Datejust’s so much more attractive, which is why the Oyster falls short in this battle.


Oyster bracelets are definitely comfortable. Oyster bands are featured on sports timepieces, like dive watches, so comfort is a must. I have to say, they are much heavier and bulkier than the Jubilees’ and tend to fit better on larger wrists.

Models that feature “solid end links” seem to be the most comfortable in this category. This is mainly because it keeps the watch nice and secure on the wrist, without much looseness to it.


As for the design of the classic Oyster, I would say this is the category where they fall short. To me, looks really matter on a watch. And for the most part, Oyster bracelets typically only come in stainless steel or all gold. Now, there are in fact models with the gold lining running through, but with thicker and more squared looking lugs than on the Jubilee Datejust models.

That being said, I find the design to be rather plain. It is no doubt that the materials used and craftsmanship towards creating the bracelets are amazing. There is just not much style to it. Many people may disagree, remember, this is my opinion. I just prefer bracelets that stand out and have more to it than simply stainless steel, wide lugs.

I do like how there is diversity in the clasps for the Oyster bracelets.  The Oyster-lock clasp fits the best with these models because it blends in perfectly. But the regular Rolex clasp and the crown-clasp also go well with the bracelet.


Durability is the highlight of the Oyster bracelet. Big, bulky, heavy, and sturdy are words I would use to describe this line of bracelets. They are absolutely the most durable bracelets by Rolex. I would even go as far as to say the most durable bracelets on any watch. Like I mentioned earlier, these bracelets are typically placed on sports watches like the Sea-Dweller.

rolex datejust jubilee vs oyster bracelet

These watches are meant to handle depths up to 300m, so of-course the bracelet itself has to be durable.

The stainless steel can take bumps and bruises better than the Jubilee. Imperfections are better hidden on the oyster and tend to not even surface as much. The wide, heavy lugs that are interconnected also help to hide scratches and keep away dust and dirt, which can build up inside of the Jubilee open links.

Overall, I give the Oyster bracelet a well deserved 4.5/5 for durability. These bracelets are made to be durable. So they hold up quite well in this category.


There will always be value in a classic Oyster bracelet. Just keep your watch in good condition and expect the bracelet alone to be worth something. This is especially true if you have a vintage watch or bracelet from an original piece. Original Submariners and Sea Dwellers can go for big money. It’s always a good investment to go with an Oyster watch by Rolex.

Why I Chose The Jubilee

I may be biased in my decision since I own many watches with the Jubilee bracelet. But like I said, I look for bracelets with style and complexity. In my opinion, the Oyster bracelets are plain and give off a basic look. Not that there is anything wrong with that at all. These are usually meant for durable sports watches. So the look complements the watch perfectly. Jubilees’, however, give off the luxurious, high-class look. These are what I picture when thinking of a luxury watch.


Even when put up against Oyster bracelets that feature the gold lining, I see them as too thick and bulky. The Jubilee has great size lugs a nice polish and goes great with any watch you pair it with.

Do not take in my opinions as pure facts though. My final decision was based solely on good looks. When it comes down to materials and craftsmanship, both watches are pretty much even. With the Oyster bracelet taking the cake when it comes to durability.

My Favorite Watches That Feature A Jubilee

To conclude the article. I want to show three of my favorite watches that sport the Jubilee bracelet and the Oyster bracelet.

Below we have the “Mother Of Pearl” Datejust, that just looks so handsome with the Jubilee bracelet.

rolex datejust jubilee vs oyster bracelet

The Datejust 41, with a blue dial, looks great with the basic stainless steel model of Jubilee. The two-toned bracelet is not needed here in my opinion.

Another one of my favorites is the vintage Rolex Datejust, with a blue dial. (I own this one, BIAS)!

rolex datejust jubilee vs oyster bracelet

Favorite Oyster Bracelet Models

You can never go wrong with the classic Submariner! This is an instance where the plain, but strong look of the Oyster bracelet, perfectly complements the watch!

Another classic, the Sea-Dweller!

And finally! One of my favorite models that feature an Oyster bracelet. The Rolex GMT Batman!

rolex datejust jubilee vs oyster bracelet

Hopefully, with this comparison of the Rolex Datejust Jubilee vs Oyster bracelet, I have made your decision on what bracelet to purchase a bit easier and you can decide on the perfect watch that fits you the best! Always keep in mind, when buying a Rolex or even a bracelet, there are many frauds circulating. Purchase from a reliable source with money-back guarantees against fraud like Amazon!

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